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 Guillaume Courtet, 1636 - 1637 !

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PostSubject: Guillaume Courtet, 1636 - 1637 !   Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:17 am

In 1636, Francis Bonnefoy penetrated Japan clandestinely,
with the objective of furthering Western efforts to promote Christianity there.
He was accompanied by a Spanish friend named Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
He is caught, tortured, and dies in Nagasaki on September 29, 1637.
No French people visit Honda Kiku between 1640 and 1780

Blue eyes fluttered open as the sun's rays hit the man's face, illuminating the stubble on his chin. Groaning softly to himself, France quickly sat up in his hammock which swayed slightly as the ship continued to move forward. This particular ship, that had been sailing towards Asia for a few days now, had almost reached it's final destination. As the man walked groggily over towards the small window in his room, he could see the faint outline of Japan's coast in the distance. “Bon dieu, cela prend trop de temps ..” The blond ran pale fingers through his hair as he quickly changed out of his sleeping clothes. Now clad in his usual blue and red, he quietly made his way out of the room and up onto the deck.

Most of the crew seemed to already be awake and working. A variety of greetings filled the man's ears, gluing a permanent smile to his face. As he called out to the others, waving and smiling like the gentilhomme he was, France couldn't help but wonder what would be in store for them as they entered Japan. He knew that entering the country was a risky move – especially with the intent to promote Christianity – for it had been prohibited in the country since 1613. Kiku would not be happy with him at all if he'd found out what Francis was planning to do. Yes.. They would have to sneak into Japan somehow. Perhaps at a certain distance they could switch to a little boat and paddle their way to shore? As the many possibilities crossed the french man's mind, he could not help but grin. He could always go under a fake name - a spanish name, perhaps? Tomaso de Santo Domingo was the first thing to cross his mind.. But something seemed off and Francis assumed that most Spaniards did not have a name that sounded similar to 'tomato.' At any rate.. Where was his dear Spanish friend? Probably still sleeping in his hammock for all he knew.. He shook his head, muttering softly to himself as he turned to head back into the bedroom. 'Antonio, tu dors toujours très tard dans la matinée.' Upon reaching the bedroom door, France paused for a moment; what would he do if Spain were still asleep? More so.. what would he do if he was awake – and getting dressed? The man arched a slender brow, contemplating the though before shrugging it off like it was nothing. He did not even knock before opening the door.

Thankfully the Spaniard was still asleep. He always seemed to be asleep these days – waking up late in the morning, then going for his daily siesta. How a man could not tired of sleeping, Francis would never understand. He himself rarely slept in, preferring to wake up early and 'smell the roses.' He turned to look down at the man as he lay there peacefully in his hammock – France would not be surprised if the other were dreaming of a party, or beautiful women.. After all, that was one of the reasons they got along so well. France gently nudged the other man's shoulder, clearing his throat in an attempt to wake the other. Reaching over, he pinched the other man's fingertips softly – ever since Francis had been a young boy, this had always woken him up. Though, to tell the truth, he wouldn't be surprised at all if Antonio slept through all this. The man gave a sigh, pulling a chair up to the side of the hammock as he sat waiting for the brunette to wake. What a surprise he would have..

[ OTL. sorry i couldnt think of much to do ! half of it is like pointless ranting :c
translations: - Good god, this is taking too much time.. / - Antonio, you always sleep in..
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PostSubject: Re: Guillaume Courtet, 1636 - 1637 !   Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:00 pm

[Postsave post because I've been gone and I feel as if I'm about to die atm C:]
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Guillaume Courtet, 1636 - 1637 !
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