A place for historically themed Hetalia roleplay. Because we're in it for the history.
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 Application to join this roleplay

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No mut ku voi perkele.
No mut ku voi perkele.

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PostSubject: Application to join this roleplay   Application to join this roleplay Icon_minitimeThu Feb 18, 2010 11:46 am

This is an Axis Powers Hetalia roleplay forum that concentrates on historical events, without forgetting the humorous nature of Hetalia itself.

Send us the form below BEFORE registering your account on this forum!
Email me ( hetaera22@gmail.com ) or contact us through LiveJournal ( hetaera22 ) with the completed application form.


Character you're applying for: Country name
Detailed history and personality of the country:
This can be any length, but will show us your knowledge about your chosen country's history, which is very important for this forum. Please write this part in essay-like paragraph style, not year - this happened.
(Bad Example "1809 - Finland became a part of Russia", Good example: "In 1809, even before the war between Sweden and Russia was over, the Finnish people decided to swear the Russian tsar an oath and become the Grand Duchy of Finland under the Russian tsar.")
This will show us you know how certain events are linked and have the ability to look at bigger pictures, not just single fact. It will also give us more examples of your writing skills.
Please also always include the reasons for why a certain event is important and/or relevant. What did it lead to, how did it change your character? We don't know every country's history and checking the importance of every fact that may seem irrelevant would take lots of time.
Sample post:
This doesn't have to be long, but we would like an example of how you would portray your character in action. It can be about anything, but a history-related one can become a plus point if we happen to have more than one applicant. Also, be careful not to god-mod in this post, that happens easily.
Do you roleplay anywhere else / Do you have a place where we can see your logs or roleplay history?:
Any prior experience and examples that can give us a good picture of how you work. If you don't have any, don't worry, we love to welcome inexperienced RP-ers too and give them a great first experience!


If you create an account on this forum before we have received and approved your application we will automatically delete your newly-created account and refuse your application on the grounds of not reading these rules.

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Application to join this roleplay
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