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 Cod Wars, Invasion during WWII, Whaling, Icesave

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Cod Wars, Invasion during WWII, Whaling, Icesave Empty
PostSubject: Cod Wars, Invasion during WWII, Whaling, Icesave   Cod Wars, Invasion during WWII, Whaling, Icesave Icon_minitimeWed Feb 24, 2010 3:26 am

If anyone wants to do these, contact me and I can share links/information and plot with you.

Cod Wars - Involves the UK, Iceland, and possibly Denmark or something (pfffffft)

Where the UK was like "I'm gonna fish here" and Iceland was like "fuck no, I need these fish" and then Iceland started ramming into the UK's boats and slashing nets. And won. Three times.

Invasion during WWII (a.k.a. Operation Fork) - Involves the UK, Iceland, Denmark, possibly Germany

Where England decided "Germany might invade Iceland 'cause it's so awesome, better invade first" and Iceland was like "I AM NEUTRAL" and Denmark was off getting invaded by Germany. Iceland asked for independence from Denmark and Denmark cried a little but packed him clean underwear and a lunch, and let him leave the nest.

Whaling - Involves Iceland, England, Japan, Norway, anyone else who either whales or is against whaling

- Iceland almost-illegally hunts whales then sells the meat to Japan
- England is the head of a group that's against whaling
- Iceland joined a group that restricted his whaling, then quit, then joined again, then possibly quit again I can't remember but he acted like a brat

Icesave / economic collapse - Involves the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Iceland. Can also involve America and the Nordics, or any other countries that loaned Iceland money.

Iceland had some banks, they collapsed, these guys had all invested money in them. Now England is bullying Iceland into paying him back with shitty interest rates et cetera. England and the Netherlands are the ones heard most about, Germany is mentioned sometimes, Austria.... was only mentioned once. Iceland whined to America but America picked his nose and said he couldn't help, then Iceland was told to talk to Norway

European Union talks - Involves Sweden, and basically anyone else in the EU. And Norway.
Iceland's waffling over joining.

Eyjafjallajökull - Involves anyone who can think of anything for it.
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Cod Wars, Invasion during WWII, Whaling, Icesave
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