A place for historically themed Hetalia roleplay. Because we're in it for the history.
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 Not so invisible after all

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Canada / Matthew
A Mari Usque Ad Mare
A Mari Usque Ad Mare
Canada / Matthew

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Not so invisible after all Empty
PostSubject: Not so invisible after all   Not so invisible after all Icon_minitimeThu Apr 14, 2011 9:54 am

I have some ideas of what events in Canadian history that I'd want to roleplay with peoples, eh.

Like, for example:

New France (Colonial!Canada under French Rule) ~ I'd need a France for this, but I'd enjoy it!

Colonial!Canada under British rule ~ Spans from when France lost their parts of Canada to England and up to the second world war.

WWI + WWII ~ It's obviously such a big part of our history and Canada made their efforts in both world wars. {Canada Helping the Hollandaise Royal Family? That'd be interesting.}

War of 1812 ~ More or less just Canada, America and to some extent England.

American Revolutionary War ~ Canada must've been really down during this war - having to fight his brother to not end up on the wrong side with England. It was not only America he fought against though, but also France (and Prussia.)

Vancouver Olympics ~ Finally some attention for the poor northern nation!

Or just some plain crack. x3 Gakuen (school) or AU works just fine.
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Not so invisible after all
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