A place for historically themed Hetalia roleplay. Because we're in it for the history.
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 안녕하세요! Anyeong Haseyo!

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Im Yong Soo/South Korea
Bad Ass Mofo
Bad Ass Mofo

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PostSubject: 안녕하세요! Anyeong Haseyo!   Tue Feb 08, 2011 3:34 pm

이름 Ileum NAME: Anyeong Haseyo! My name is Im Yong Soo but westerners refer to me as Yong Soo Im. I prefer to be called Yong or Yong Soo or even Aniki or Bro works too. I'm also called South Korea or SK. DO NOT MISTAKE ME FOR NORTH! We may look the same but there's a huge difference!

나이 Nai AGE: I don't look it but I am actually quite old, though not quite as old as Aniki. I look about sixteen but don't let that fool you. I am experienced with many things and I'm willing to demonstrate. All you need to do is ask /devious smirk/

취미 Chwimi HOBBIES: Ah geeze where do I begin? I love Drama! Not the emotional kind but my television Drama's. I'm quite good at telling stories. I love playing Videogames and riding motorcycles and I can't live without the internet. Technology in general is a pastime (as it originated from me of course!Don't listen to Kiku he doesn't know what he's talking about!) I like driving fast cars and training in various martial arts. I can likely kick your ass so don't piss me off! Got it? Good!

좋아해 joh-ahae LIKES: Breasts! Oh how I love those lovely Mountains! I could worship them for hours and hours and...what are you looking at? I'm quite serious! I also love Kimchi. Everything tastes amazing with Kimchi even Al's (USA) burgers! Mmmm I love technology in general, and showing off my amazing talents. I have a kick ass Military and I train with them all the time (Sometimes with Al as well) I love my music! I love my fashion! And I enjoy dancin what Al refers to as the horizontal mambo! Hey don't judge me and I won't judge you! I also adore my bro Alfred! Man I wish he was my twin instead /sigh/ I also love spending time with Hong Kong and Aniki.

싫어하는 것 silh-eohaneun geos DISLIKES: I know we have a civil economic trade now but Kiku is still a bastard. It's still hard for me to get over what he did to me, but I admit if that hadn't happened I would've still been that naieve little weakling. I am still pissed however he refuses to acknowledge he made my women into 'comfort women' You can't lie to me bastard... However I don't mind taking his technology and making it 'better' /smirk/ Ha! I hate it when my things break. I hate defiant people and really, don't argue with me. I'm usually right and don't care if you think otherwise. Shy and prude people drive me nuts. I mean really! Why hide what God gave you? I really wish Aniki would just accept me for who I am and I loathe North's bosses for turning him against me. So what if I prefer to make my own decisions? That doesn't mean I still don't love him. I hope he sees the light soon. What I hate most of all though, is the other side of me. A side I can't control. This lust that i find insatiable...nevermind that...lets continue on.

자신에 대해 말씀해 jasin-e daehae malsseumhae TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF:Despite what you might think, I'm actually quite smart. I know multiple languages and I have high advancements in technology and Medicine. I have one of the highest emigration rates and I love to travel and learn more about other countries around me. I am very good at Diplomacy and have backing from some of the strongest super powers in the World. I love night life and I love parties but most of all I love people. Gender doesn't mean anything to me. If you're interesting enough, I'm interested. I am quite open minded so don't worry about asking me certain things. Tact is one thing I'm not too good at. America is my best friend but I'm also good friends with Hong Kong, France, Russia, Canada and Turkey. I have made peace with most of my past transgressions, but one thing I regret is how I handled my situation with Taiwan. I do hope she can forgive me someday...


Hello everyone! I go by Huntress online but my real name is Amanda and I am from Alaska. I have a bit of experience with historical roleplays and I adore history so I am excited to be here. I am quite an open individual and not easily offended.

I am also an avid Cosplayer. So likely you'll see me post pics of my costumes! XD I love Hetalia cause it's a fun way to learn a bit of history (even if some is inaccurate). I also write for another Historical site. (i am their SK, Hungary and Israel) and I am quite active. Anyway nice to meet you all!

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Fallegi lúserinn minn
Fallegi lúserinn minn

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Location : Reykjavík, Iceland

PostSubject: Re: 안녕하세요! Anyeong Haseyo!   Tue Feb 08, 2011 7:51 pm

Halló, Suður-Kórea. You're so frank.

We haven't talked in a while. It's good to see you.


"I throw Koreans in the air sometimes, saying ayoo anyeonghaseyo~♫"

Err. Welcome! I'm Jess but people around here just call me Ice or Icy. I live in the invisible state of Connecticut. Glad to have you aboard! :Db
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Elizabeta / Hungary
Egyem meg a szivedet!
Egyem meg a szivedet!

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Location : Budapest, Hungary

PostSubject: Re: 안녕하세요! Anyeong Haseyo!   Sat Feb 12, 2011 5:45 pm

Hello, South Korea.
It's nice to see you, and I hope to talk with you soon. *smiles*


Hello~ And welcome~! I'm Elizabeth, but you may call me whatever you'd like. Fff, I live in the even more invisible state of Louisiana. XD
Hope you have a wonderful time here~
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Kiku / Japan

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Location : Japan

PostSubject: Re: 안녕하세요! Anyeong Haseyo!   Tue Mar 01, 2011 5:14 am

Ah, Im Yong Soo-san. As usual, I express that it is pleasant to see you once again. As your older brother, I applaud your attempts, however slanderous of my person, and overtures of new friendships. That said however, as your older brother, I am baffled at your resentful expression of the reference to our brief period of unity. My house is much calmer and divine compared to the western nations. Surely you remember my origins? I taught it to you frequently during those times. Also, I was far kinder than the western nations, for you are, after all, my little brother. You remember how they treated your other big brother, who is of no relation to myself, China? Being strong is something you should aspire to, if you were stronger, perhaps your house would have been able to withstand the onslaught of the imperial movement. Really, you should reflect on those times as happy ones.

But I digress, I simply wanted to point out your blatant error, as America invented what is known as the internet. As America is my close friend, I feel you should recognize your mistake and make your apologizes posthaste.
SWEETNESS!!! Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm Dori and I live in Japan- but I am from the states. I live in the Alaska of Japan, Hokkaido---still not used to all the snow. I am new to roleplaying, so please take care of me *bows*
I am sorry for my absence, I would have responded earlier but I was on vacation and then had internet (speak of the devil yo) issues. I am excited to roleplay some of the darker periods between our two nations. I am not sure how to do a mean Japan but I will try my best!!!!!!
PM me anytime yo!!! I really stressed on how to answer you >.< *nervous*
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PostSubject: Re: 안녕하세요! Anyeong Haseyo!   

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안녕하세요! Anyeong Haseyo!
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