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 Lithuanian Outsourcing [1920s-30]

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Lietuvos Respublika
Lietuvos Respublika

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Lithuanian Outsourcing [1920s-30] Empty
PostSubject: Lithuanian Outsourcing [1920s-30]   Lithuanian Outsourcing [1920s-30] Icon_minitimeMon Nov 29, 2010 10:48 am

It was like a dream. A real dream that you won’t wake up from. An amazing dream that makes you so happy that you cry when you wake up from because you wish the world was like that for real. But this was for real.
This was warm, this was soft. This was caring, loving, and peaceful. Toris could feel it everywhere. It was a feeling that he had not had for a long time, and he liked it. He could feel the permafrost that had covered him begin to thaw out, and this feeling directly translated to how he felt about Alfred.
Alfred F. Jones; The United States representite. Toris looked over his young in exchange for the kindness that the man had offered him. Without America helping him his people would surely have been in for another harsh year, but this was so much nicer. He loved working at the man’s house, house work in the sun …at his leisure. This place was like heaven.
Toris was currently sitting on the back porch of Alfred’s home looking at the laundry that he had just moments around hung up on to the wire just outside the house to dry. He didn’t know where Alfred was, he didn’t know where Felix was, he didn’t know where Ivan was. He didn’t care . He looked up at the clear blue sky, thinking about the concept of freedom.
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Lithuanian Outsourcing [1920s-30]
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