A place for historically themed Hetalia roleplay. Because we're in it for the history.
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 Admin Introductions

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No mut ku voi perkele.
No mut ku voi perkele.

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PostSubject: Admin Introductions   Fri Jul 30, 2010 12:45 pm

Moi everyone! I'm Sandra, the original creator of this forum. I'm from Finland and I've been RPing Finland since October 2009.

I was born in the late 80s and I live on history and pizzamaking. I also love languages and right now I speak four languages quite fluently. I'm usually not afraid of saying what I think but I'm very positive and I love most people. I love making new friends and sharing happy times with everyone! Please don't be too shy to contact me!
Hello! My name is Alex, I am the RPer for Austria and I am the newest Admin on this board! I also claim the title of “Only Male RPer of these forums”, which seems to be a no-contest in this fandom.

Now that it’s out of the way, it’s time to bore you and talk about myself. I live in Canada (Quebec, but I don’t want to talk about THAT). I’m entering College in Fall and I will be studying in History (because I’m that much of an historyfag). I spend most of my free time either playing video games (Can’t go wrong with The Vidya) or drawing. Personally, I’m really shy but I’m a really nice person (I am a Gentleman, after all ;D).


Ei laaksoa, ei kukkulaa, ei vettä, rantaa rakkaampaa,
kuin kotimaa tää pohjoinen, maa kallis isien.

Ej lyfts en höjd mot himlens rand, Ej sänks en dal, ej sköljs en strand,
Mer älskad än vår bygd i nord, Än våra fäders jord.
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Admin Introductions
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